• Be a sophomore, junior, or senior in good academic standing in any academic major at one of the participating colleges. Second semester sophomores may be considered under special circumstances.
  • Written approval from your college faculty representative.


Obtain an application from your campus representative, or download one below. Complete the application and take it to your campus representative. His or her signature indicates that you have been approved to participate by your college. Then send the following required materials to UMCWC


  • Signed and completed application.
  • A check or money order of $250 for the deposit fee. This will be applied to the housing fee, is non-refundable, and is required before the internship search process can begin. Please make checks payable to the United Methodist College Washington Consortium.
  •  Current academic transcript from your college.
  •  Current resume.
  •  Three to five page writing sample.
  •  Recommendation letter from a faculty member to use for your internship.HOW TO REGISTER

Spring semester, register at your college for one full semester of academic credit, and pay tuition to your college or university. For the January Term and for the Summer semester, register at your campus.


  • Each college has a representative of the United Methodist College Washington Consortium to help you through the application process.




    • .After your application is signed by your faculty representative, mail the above materials to:
    • Dr. Doug Steinel
    • 10436 Schoolmaster Pl
    • Columbia, MD 21044